WVPmovement Journey Guide

World Vs Plastic

#WVPmovement Journey Guide








You can hear the environment asking for help and you want to take action!

Welcome to the WVPmovement!

Start on the  journey below that will guide you to:

  • Increase your plastic waste awareness
  • Take increasing action to solve the plastic waste challenge. 

Levels of the journey: 

WVPmovement -> TeamPlasticPositive -> WVPcommunity -> WVPmover  

Starting from level 0, read through and see where you start.
Take any steps on the way you haven’t yet!


We have shared actions to take at each level of your journey through the #WVPmovement

at the end of the document <3


Thanks for being here;

#WVPunited we will make a MASSIVE impact!

 “Let’s save the World from plastic!