Pungky & The Jungle Library Project
South Sumatra, Indonesia

Punkgy (27) lives in South Sumatra, Indonesia, where he is faced with intense and illegal deforestation and human-wildlife conflict. Even inside protected national parks (NP), trees are toppled for profit, wild animals are wrenched into illegal pet trade and the landscape is covered in plastic. The indigenous people, who live at the border of some of Indonesia’s last green wildernesses are often faced with higher living costs, that push them to find income sources in the local wilderness. If generations of children grow up experiencing this lifestyle it will become the norm. 

About 2 years ago, Punkgy launched The Jungle Library Project to educate children and solve environmental problems in South Sumatra. He encourages a new people-nature relationship and pushes children to follow career paths, that don’t take from the local and global environment. Plastic pollution is one of the biggest environmental issues in Indonesia. Punkgy currently teaches children in 10 different schools in 10 different villages located at the Isau-Isau Wildlife Reserve and the Kerinci Seblat National Park.
He visits two schools every day, with 4 hours of driving and 6 hours of walking to teach:

  • Trash, Pollution and the Solution
  • Our Forest, Our Life
  • Animals and Their Lives
  • The Importance of rivers to Our Loves and the Ecosystem
  • Human-Wildlife Conflict
See the results the Jungle Library and Pungky have had in the last 2 years in their annual reports:
Jungle Library Annual Report 2018

Accomplishments to date

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Students educated 


School Education Programs 

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Tested Knowledge Increase

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Plastis waste collected

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Community Members Educated

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Events & CleanUps

The Plan

We will raise funds and provide networking support to Pungky & The Jungle Library Project for classroom materials like Foldscope Instruments. We will also create media materials, explainer videos about the dangers and proper managment habits of plastic waste to educate and raise awareness; also, recuirment videos  that spread the message outside of the classroom and villages to recruit more volunteers to support the project. A portion of funds will also be used for supplies like gas to help with transportation. 

Tools proposed

$.  600  – Educational videos – plastic waste

$   400  – Recruitment video 

$   400  – 100 Foldscope kits 

$.  700  – Class Materials, Gas, Other equipment 
$2,100  – Total

Funds Raised

$0 of $2,100
Updated May 22, 2020


Empower Pungky &
The Jungle Library Project

Pictures from Pungky

Taking education to where its needed most, The youth!

Q&A with Pungky

Get to know Pungkys why,, how, and what

About the WVPmover

Pungky Nanda Pratama

28 years old

I start to involve with Conservation work on 2013 when i was at university as a student of Fisheries and Marine Science. Mostly I work with Mangroves and Coastline Conservation in Central Java and doing Sea Turtle Conservation in East Java as internships on the first steps. But I try to cross the roads on 2015 I try being volunteer in Orangutan Conservation and I deeply fall in love with In-land Species Conservation after that. About two years I worked with National NGO as Environmental Educator and Animals Rehabilitation Manager till 2016-2017. We decided to make Environmental Education Programs called The Jungle Library Project on January 2018 to solve environmental problems in South Sumatra, Indonesia.

Being Conservationist or People who wanna save nature or wildlife is so hard in everywhere including in Indonesia. No money, pressure, little support and Ignored by people are the challenge on the al the time. One of scariest things that I got during this work, there is someone pressure me and say he wanna kill me because they thinking I’m police forest and try to change their culture on their young generation.

I need 3 years to make my family understand and accepted me doing this work because they always worried about my future and my life and want me get proper work in the office in Java island near them. Finally time by time they are understand why I’m still doing this work because I could contributes to help people, nature and wildlife in Sumatra with my hands. And for the first time on 2017 my Mom say “ You Can Do What You Love and The Only Thing I Want Please Being Good Person Wherever You Are” that is make me tearing up. Since that I am more passionate to doing this work together with so many people who have same minded.

Environmental Education is of of Important Key on Conservation Efforts here in Remote Sumatra and many place urgent to have this lesson that focus on environmental issues like Deforestation, Wildlife Animals Trade, Endangered and Protected Animal, Plastic Pollution, Human-Wildlife Conflict and some of the crucial issues and I mostly doing it by myself and so rare to find a person who have same minded here.

About the project

Plastic pollution is one of the biggest environmental problems here in Indonesia. Due to Plastic, Nature and Wildlife affected by it and mostly aquatic animals suffered and I can’t just see that and I need to do something by my own way. Awareness and sharing knowledge about plastic pollution and its solution with Young Generation is one of solution to chance wrong mindset and decreasing plastic consumption in remote area.

I am an Environmental Educator that teach Young Generation who living in Highly Deforestation Area with Human-Wildlife Conflict in South Sumatra, Indonesia. I teach kids every day from Monday to Friday, I travel for two hours from town to the village by motorbike to reach the location in Isau-Isau Wildlife Reserve and walk for 6 hours round trip to teach kids in the remotest area in the border of Kerinci Seblat National Park. I visit two different school everyday in 10 different school in 10 different village in two different location. I teach 9 School who located in the border of Isau-Isau Wildlife Reserve and 1 school in the border of Kerinci Seblat National Park. Beside I have education programme I also doing Camera Trapping to collect new data of Rare and Endangered Animals in Isau-Isau Wildlife Reserve as a part habitat conservation together with Conservation Agency of South Sumatra. I also have Flora Rescue Project that we focus to rescue native flora of Sumatra from Unprotected area.


January 2018

I have a team in The Jungle Library Project

I am work with my close friend Joshua Parfitt, He is Website and Financial Manager of The Jungle Library Project

I have a friend who always support each other Petr Hindrich

Founder Green-Books.org

Close to 200 children, and various project participants. 


We have Environmental Syllabus,Worksheet, Video, and some of tools for outdoor class like Binocular, Insects Loop, Compass. 
Forbi is also a talented photographer sharing the beauties only seen in the forests he traves regulatly. 

How can we help you do MORE?

We  could replicate this environmental education programme to the other province across indonesia who have big environmental problems


I am proud to myself I can follow my heart do what I love, I am still learning and I always do my best to preserve nature and wildlife as good as possible I can afford by my own way

The important things to make this education keep going is stable funding and we could replicate this environmental education to the remotest area where have highly Environment Problems across the island even the country 

Video explainers for young students to easily understand the facts about plastic and help them discover the topics. 



South Sumatra, Indonesia

Funds Raised

$0 of $2,100
Updated May 22, 2020


Empower Pungky &
The Jungle Library Project

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