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Britton (42) from New York traveled the world and experienced unacceptable levels of plastic pollution – even in the most secluded places – first hand. In February 2019 he then decided to personally get involved and clean up the planet. Ever since he has hosted and participated in over 30 cleanups around the world and has collected over 2,500 pounds of plastic. He has personally re-and upcycled plastic trash into a boat, planting pots and other useful items to take them out of the cycle and inspire others. His community counts more than 75 members. Right now he is engaged in a 12 day to clean up project hosting ocean and river clean-ups all along the US East Coast from New York to Florida. With all his actions he is inspiring people across the globe to become more aware of plastic consumption and to clean up the planet.

Achievements to date:

  • Organized & participated in over 50 cleanups
  • Over 2,500 pounds of plastic collected and sent to recycling worldwide
  • Created a community of more than 75 members to support the cleanups
  • Raised global awareness for the rising plastic waste epidemic


  • Cleaning up the mess that we humans have caused in our environment
  • Raising awareness, educating others on the waste epidemic and inspiring people to take initiative. 
  • Turning collected rubbish into boats and eco-bricks to provide housing for the poor and encourage locals to do clean-ups

Accomplishments to date




Community memebers activated


Plastic waste boat created

0 Lbs

Plastic Waste Collected

0 +

Children educated about plastic

0 +

Events & CleanUps

The Plan

We will support Britton in creating a local plastic waste management space. We will raise money for and help set up a plastic shredder, an extruder, and molds so he can start making items and blocks, getting the plastic into the circular economy cycle and raisising funds for further projects. 

Tools proposed

$2,000  – Plastic shredder 

$3,000  – Injector/melti 

$  600   – Tile Molds

$1,000  – Set up equipment 

$1,300  – Logistics

$1,100  – Operating costs  


$9,000  – Total

Funds Raised

$0 of $9,000
Updated May 22, 2020


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Pictures from Britton

Boots on the ground, Raising Awareness.

Q&A with Britton

Get to know Brittons why,, how, and what

About the WVPmover

Britton Kelley 

42 years old

About the project

Traveling the world and seeing first hand how badly we as humans are polluting the planet.

Taking the message of plastic waste awareness around the US and globally. Currently engaged in a 12-day project to host ocean and river clean-ups all along the East Coast of the USA from New York to Florida over the holiday break. Raising awareness to how big of a problem we are facing and proving that one person can make a difference.

I have hosted or taken part of over 27 cleanups around the world.  Over 2,500 pounds collected.  75 + community members.   Have done many projects solo also. 

I began in February 2019 


I’ve worked with many private people around the world.  Some organizations that I have worked with before …  


Currently using rental trucks , burlap sacs , gloves , laptop , drones etc

How can we help you do MORE?

I would like to continue to travel the world and host cleanups. However, I would like to create housing , boats or other sustainable items with the rubbish and plastic that we collect.  To not only clean the environment but hopefully figure out a way to create a profit from it so that the locals to the region have extra incentive and hope. 

I need to create a company and collect the revenue and resources to establish myself as a reputable solution.  

Money , small working space , Granulators , Extrudors. 

Support from people that are familiar with machinery and construction.  


Smithtown NewYork & Global

Funds Raised

$0 of $9,000
Updated May 22, 2020


Empower Britton
to do more!

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