Navlakha Refugee Camp, Uganda, Africa



We are a group of volunteers in Lane County, working to improve this planet – one decision at a time.


EcoGeneration’s primary mission is to safeguard and improve the ecosystems that humans coexist with. We focus on protecting biodiversity in and around the Pacific Northwest.  Our intentions are to decrease organic and inorganic waste, increase awareness of the impact of waste, increase an individual’s understanding of their carbon footprint; based on their consumer habits, with the intention of assisting them to decrease the impact that they have on planet earth.  EcoGeneration also desires to establish, maintain, and enhance ecological systems in the face of climate change.


Our Recycling Take-Back Program is unique to the Lane County Area. In addition to working with Lane County as Community Collectors (Clean, Label-Free plastics resin coded 2, 4, or 5), we also collect and recycle within several other streams of waste.

We take pride in knowing that we are actively working to reduce the amount of waste going to landfills while preserving our resources for future generations. Currently, we have a huge emphasis on recycling plastics within any stream that we can find. When we accept recycling from the community we are taking responsibility for ensuring that it gets recycled, while also working to assure the highest quality product for our recyclers. At this time, our plastics go to Denton Plastic (through Lane County), TerraCycle, Preserve Gimme 5, and several others that wish to remain anonymous at this time.

You can make a difference.

You can choose the less convenient option.

You can clean up your mess.

You can volunteer your time and energy.

You can support those who are creating change.

  • Weekly Community Collection events
  • 50,000 lbs collected
  • 15 Volunteers
  • 5 Crew members

Mission Log

Accomplishments to date

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Community Volunteers


Crew Members

0 Lbs

Plastic & Waste Collected

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Monthly Expected Plastic Collection


Number of Clean Ups Per Week

The Plan


We are collaborating with Eco Generation in various ways. We have alot to learn from the amazing commuinty run recycling collection point project they have established. 

We are looking for various ways to collaborate between the organizations we each know. 

Our first goal will be to reuse 50Kg plastic bags by sending them to the AENP project in Tanzania. They use these bags for a community collection program they operate. 

Tools proposed

$1,175 – Shipping costs


$1,175  – Total 

Funds Raised

$0 of $1,175
Updated Jan 14, 2020


Empower EcoGeneration

Pictures from EcoGeneration

Solving plastic waste and prividing his community with opputunity

Q&A with David G.

EcoGeneration leader and fouder

About the WVPmover

Dr. Kebebe Bekele Gonfa


About the project

Plastic wastes are dangerous to Environment, animals and Human beings. In Ethiopia most plastics are used for single use only and discarded to open fields after then, causing major damage. In most part of  ethiopia there is no recycling facility.

Plastic waste collection, packing and transporting 600km to factory for recycling in Ethiopia.

330,069 lbs collected

1625 Volunteers

10 Crew members

1625 registered volunteers.

Many schools and students volunteering.

Various local environmental and clean-up groups 

I am using Horse for plastic collection in the town and medium trucker for transporting packed plastic to factory and for communication social media

How can we help you do MORE?

If we get support we want to develop plastic recycling facility and total waste recycling facility in Ethiopia, community awareness  on problem of different wastes

Reaching more volunteers and finding sponsors in the next couple of years so that we can have the fundings to do this. 

Funding, outreach, networking.


Lane County, Oregon, USA

Funds Raised

$0 of $1,175
Updated Jan 14, 2020


Empower EcoGeneration

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