Dr. Kebebe
Goba, Ethiopia

Dr. Kebebe in Goba, Ethiopia. 

His project in Ethiopia 🇪🇹 has collected and recycled 48,545lbs of plastic waste and provides jobs to 50 students.
His project, Bakalcha Plastic Collection, collects, compacts, and ships 12,000 lbs (550kg) at a time to ship to the nearest recycling center almost 400 miles (650km) away!
To start his vision, Dr. Kebebe secured the equipment rental needed with his own money.
  • Daily Cleanups employing 50 students
  • 48,545 lbs collected
  • 64 Volunteers
  • 50 Crew members

Accomplishments to date

0 +

Community Volunteers


Crew Members

0 Lbs

Plastic & Waste Collected

0 +

Monthly Expected Plastic Collection


Number of Clean Ups Per Week

The Plan

We are raising funds to help Dr. Kebebe and Bakalcha Plastic Waste Collection have more impact! Dr. Kebebe’s clean ups and sorting are powered by the community to make a massive impact! We are raising our first round for equipment like Three Wheel Vehicle (Bajaj) – This will take the work load off the horse <3 and Medium Tracker . Equipment like gloves, wagons, collection tools, transport for waste collected and separated, and outreach for partnerships. Our next steps are to help Bakalcha Plastic Waste Collection open a facility to sort, recycle, and upcycle the plastic picked up during the cleanups.

Dr. Kebebe has funded Bakalcha Plastic Waste Collection on his own, having spent more than $13,000 of his own money for Trash Compactor needed to make big shipments to the recycling center possible. –

Tools proposed

$815 – Utility Glove and Gown

$543  – Training Protection

$545  – Transportation

$3000 – Vehicle – 3 Wheel Vehicle

$2000 – Logistics


$6,903  – Total 

Funds Raised

$0 of $6,903
Updated May 22, 2020


Empower Dr. Kebebe &
Bakalcha Plastic Waste Collection

Pictures from Dr. Kebebe

Solving plastic waste and prividing his community with opputunity

Q&A with Dr. Kebebe

Get to know MJs why, how, and what.

About the WVPmover

Dr. Kebebe Bekele Gonfa


About the project

Plastic wastes are dangerous to Environment, animals and Human beings. In Ethiopia most plastics are used for single use only and discarded to open fields after then, causing major damage. In most part of  ethiopia there is no recycling facility.

Plastic waste collection, packing and transporting 600km to factory for recycling in Ethiopia.

330,069 lbs collected

1625 Volunteers

10 Crew members

1625 registered volunteers.

Many schools and students volunteering.

Various local environmental and clean-up groups 

I am using Horse for plastic collection in the town and medium trucker for transporting packed plastic to factory and for communication social media

How can we help you do MORE?

If we get support we want to develop plastic recycling facility and total waste recycling facility in Ethiopia, community awareness  on problem of different wastes

Reaching more volunteers and finding sponsors in the next couple of years so that we can have the fundings to do this. 

Funding, outreach, networking.


Goba, Ethiopia

Funds Raised

$0 of $6,903
Updated May 22, 2020


Empower Dr. Kebebe &
Bakalcha Plastic Waste Collection

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