Association for Environment and Nature Protection DIZANGUE, CAMEROON, AFRICA


The Association for Environment and nature protection runs a community funded and operated collection program in the city of Dizangue, Cameroon. The president of the nationaly recognized organization, AmbiePie Lawrence, has been purchasing 50Kg bags for each home to use as a plastic bottle only collection point.

The AENP team picks up bags weekly and prepares them for transport.

They are a shining example of a community program taking charge of their platic waste.

Mission Log

Accomplishments to date

0 +

Community Volunteers


Crew Members


Students Involved


Monthly Plastic Communit Collections


Number of Clean Ups Per Week

The Plan

Our first goal will be to supply 50Kg plastic bags to AENP for their community collection program. 

We are working together with EcoGeneration to reuse shipping bags from one of their partners. 

Next we will support AENP with office equipment and strategy so they can expand their collection program and become more sustainable in their endeavours so they can keep growing. 

Tools proposed

$100 – Shipping costs

$100 – Collection Bags

$300 – Office supplies 


$500  – Total 

Funds Raised

$0 of $300
Updated Jan 12, 2020


Pictures from AENP

Solving plastic waste and prividing his community with opputunity

Q&A with Lawrence Ambiepie

Learn what inspired this social entrepreneur

About the WVPmover

Ambeapie Lawrence Cheyuekai
Am a Nurse by profession. Married with three kids. A member of Cameroon mangrove network. A Christian by faith. I am a fervent viewer of national geography and has taken on me to fight climate change as long as I live and from all angles possible.

About the project

As members of an association fighting environmental protection, seeing the rate at which plastics are poorly dispered , we thought it wise to join the fight towards saving the planet.
72 Clean Ups 
Weekly Bag collections

40+ community volunteers.

12 Team members.

83 students. 

Ambiance projet
Cameroon mangrove network
Cameroon whild life conservation.

50 Kg bags for each home to collect plastic bottles.

Collecting bags
face masks
2,751830 fcfa.
= $507 USD

How can we help you do MORE?

Extending our activities into Douala thé economic capital of Cameroon which produces tones of plastic waste on daily basis that flows into the Atlantic ocean.
Very comfortable being part of the global community working to save the planet.


1 collecting bags

2 Regs

3 wheel barrows

4 protecting gears.

Office equipments

1 computer

2 photocopying machine

3 printer

4 Digital camera.

5 office stationary.

6. Weighing machine.

Other support.

1 Financial for logistics

2 Service car.


Douala, Cameroon, Africa

Funds Raised

$0 of $6,903
Updated May 22, 2020


Empower Dr. Kebebe &
Bakalcha Plastic Waste Collection

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