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  • On the next page, WVP Goals, we explain the whyhow, and what fueling World Vs Plastic.
  • On the Join The Movement page, we explain how you can take action now to start making a difference.
  • In Contributing Your Skills we share the parts of our project that are currently being worked on, and where we could use expertise from concerned world citizens like yourself!

United we will make a MASSIVE impact!

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WVP sections outlined:

In following sections, we have compiled information and studies on plastic in an easy to follow storyline aimed at helping you understand everything about plastic –

  • How its made
  • What it’s doing to the world
  • Solutions active and in development

We are grateful for whatever brought you here. Sharing knowledge and raising awareness is the first step towards real change – and this is what we stand for.

Take some facts, find out how to get involved, connect with others, and most importantly, share with friends and family to raise awareness on the topic of plastic.

Let’s begin our delve into plastic and the future of our world.

Plastic 101

We begin with general knowledge in PLASTIC 101 – What it is, how its made, how much exists – Spoiler alert, A LOT! – and what all this plastic is doing to the world.

  • Intro
  • What is plastic?
  • How plastic is made!
  • Types of plastic
  • Plastic recycling codes
  • Total plastic production
  • Yearly plastic production
  • Waste plastic production
  • Plastics footprint
  • Plastic timeline

Plastic Today

In Plastic Today, we compile facts about plastics’ current state in the world, where it goes after use, the inefficiencies of waste management systems, and the dangers of remaining idle.

  • Plastic waste management
  • Plastic recycling
  • Current plastic economy
  • China and the ban
  • System not keeping up
  • Forecast to the Future
  • A new system

Plastic Solutions

Plastic Solutions explores the future by reviewing expert recommendations on how the world can begin to manage the plastic epidemic, solutions that are currently making a change, and moon shot initiatives being developed with huge potential.

  • The new plastic economy
  • Expert Recommendations
  • WVP Solution
  • WVP Roadmap
  • WVP Platform
  • WVP Industry Components
  • WVP Community Components
  • Existing Solutions

Values throughout the study are in metric and imperial units.

To help make sense of the values, numbers are compared to everyday things to help readers imagine these figures in real-life context.

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