MJ & Clean This Beach Up
Miami, USA

MJ in Miami Florida. 

Miami based environmental organization focused on creating awareness and educating the public about the negative effects of plastic pollution through weekly cleanups, educational programs and wellness activities. All ages welcome, volunteering hours available.

  • Clean Ups
  • Environmental Ambassador 
  • Education and community awareness  
  • 40 Cleanups
  • 7117 lbs collected
  • 1625 Volunteers
  • 10 Crew members

Accomplishments to date

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Community Volunteers


Crew Members

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Youth volunteers

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Plastic & Waste Collected

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Events & CleanUps

The Plan

We will raise funds to help MJ and Clean This Beach Up have more impact! Marias clean ups and events raise awarness for huge groups. We are raising our first round for things like tents, equipment like gloves, wagons, collection tools, transport for waste collected and seperated, marketing for more reach. Our next steps are to help Clean This Beach Up open a facility to sort, recycle, and upcycle the plastic picked up during the cleanups.


Marias has funded Cean This Beach Up on her own, having spent more than $5,000 of her own money for equipment. She is awesome and a great networker and has found support from local partners and groups as well. 

Tools proposed

$5,000 – Clean up gear  (Phase 1)

$2,000  – Logistics

$2,000  – Plastic shredder (Phase 2)

$3,000  – Injector/melti 

$  600   – Tile Molds

$1,000  – Set up equipment 

$1,300  – Logistics

$1,100  – Operating costs  


$16,000  – Total

Funds Raised

$0 of $16,000
Updated May 22, 2020


Empower MJ &
Clean This Beach Up

Pictures from Clean This Beach Up

Raising awarness and cleaning this beach up in the process!

Q&A with MJ

Get to know MJs why, how, and what.

About the WVPmover

Mariajose Algarra

25 years old

About the project

Living in Miami Beach and seeing the transition for years of more and more plastic washing up in our beaches and the increment of street litter, made me think twice about my own waste and plastic usage. Traveling around the world and realizing it’s a global crisis motivated me to be the change, and that’s how I started Clean This Beach Up, saving our oceans 1 pound at a time. 

Educating people about the effects of plastic pollution and how to live a more sustainable life through weekly cleanups and educational programs. 

40 Cleanups

7117 lbs collected

1625 Volunteers

10 Crew members

April 22nd 2019

1625 registered volunteers.

Many schools and students volunteering.

Various local environmental and clean-up groups 

Gloves for each volunteer. Pick up claws and bags for collection.

Wagons for hauling, Tents, flags, and coolers for meeting points.

Vehicles for transort of waste. 

How can we help you do MORE?

Open a facility where we can sort and recycle and upcycle the plastic we pick up during the cleanups.

Being able to launch Clean This Beach Up in other locations.


Reaching more volunteers and finding sponsors in the next couple of years so that we can have the fundings to do this. 

Funding, outreach, networking.


Miami, USA

Funds Raised

$0 of $16,000
Updated May 22, 2020


Empower MJ &
Clean This Beach Up

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