Habitat Africa – Plastic Waste to constuction materials

We have connected with Nchanji and Habitat Africa thanks to Deryck, founder of the Ambiance Project.

Habitat Africa is an NGO, which advocates environmental protection, believes in and applies the principles of the circular economy for social impact.

Nchanji is a creative and driven individual working with his team to grow his process of turning plastic waste into construction materials.

The Corona Virus quarantine has put a big pause on his progress, but 2021 will be full of new ideas to get going again!

Stay tuned for updates and join #TeamPlasticPositive to EMPOWER projects like Habitat Africa.


Ambiance Project – Priyanka Dhanie – Team work makes the Dream Work

We are teaming up with Priyanka Dhanie – Daughter of Ambiance Project Founder Deryck – to make some awesome content.

Check out her awesome page (https://priyankadhanie.com) and learn more about this motivated activist taking action to save the world and help people!

More to come soon!

Hello Villa Duendes

Today we explored the amazing eco-village Villa Duendes.
An eco-conscious resort and project hub in the jungle of Akumal, Mexico.

We met Diego the founder and his partner Whitney, who together have also founded Mar Amor Org, The nonprofit community service branch of this project.

Villa Duendes educates and shares with its guest the goal of environmental equilibrium with its mantra- Construction without destruction.

The team implements circular economy practices like composting for organic waste and upcycling and recycling for inorganic, especially plastic waste.

Our first collaboration will be the #EcoBrick-a-thon 🇺🇸 #EcoLadrilloTon 🇲🇽 in conjunction with WVP community leaders Jossy and Tayde.

Plastic waste collected by Mar Amor Org community clean ups, and EcoBricks collected by Jossy, Tayde, and other community projects will be used for filler and non-load bearing construction in the soon to be E.Collective/Eco.lectivo – a think tank for link minded doers working together to save the world!

More on this awesome project soon!



Eco Generation Meeting 2 – AENP collab

Another great meeting with David G. of EcoGeneration. We have found our first mini-project to work on and are coordinating an interview for the 28th of January.
Through EcoGenerations community-run recycle program, they find the best ways to recycle all kinds of materials.

We have found a great use for one of their collection streams – Woven polypropylene bags.

AENP – #TeamPlasticPositive project 11, manages a community collection pr0gram by distributing these bags to separate plastic water bottles and facilitate collection.

We are working on a strategy to ship the bags to Cameroon and support AENP with material for their collections.

Stay tuned!  Join #TeamPlasticPositive and EMPOWER the mission to save our World from plastic!

SSPI Meeting 1

We have connected with SSPI and leader Moise. They are a motivated team in the Navlakha Refugee Camp, Uganda, Africa.

They are turning plastic waste they find around them into amazing art pieces, small and large.

Our first thoughts are to help them improve their work and education center so they can expand their plastic management capabilities.


WVPmovement Journey Guide

World Vs Plastic

#WVPmovement Journey Guide








You can hear the environment asking for help and you want to take action!

Welcome to the WVPmovement!

Start on the  journey below that will guide you to:

  • Increase your plastic waste awareness
  • Take increasing action to solve the plastic waste challenge. 

Levels of the journey: 

WVPmovement -> TeamPlasticPositive -> WVPcommunity -> WVPmover  

Starting from level 0, read through and see where you start.
Take any steps on the way you haven’t yet!


We have shared actions to take at each level of your journey through the #WVPmovement

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Thanks for being here;

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 “Let’s save the World from plastic!