“Let’s save the World from plastic”​

Oscar C. II : Founder​

How does World Vs Plastic Work?

We find & verify projects solving the plastic waste challenge

You join
#TeamPlasticPositive and tell everyone

#TeamPlasticPositive receive your support to do more

Together we offset your plastic footprint and much more

More solutions =
Less Plastic waste


Clean-Ups & Recycling

It is critical to empower the plastic circular economy. Many of the WVP community project memebrs focus on collecting, seperating, and recycling plastic waste found in the environment inorder to reuse materials; this leads to a decrease in the creation of new plastic and creates less waste polluting the environment. 

Education & Outreach

To truly solve the challenge of plastic waste, current and future generations must become acutley aware of the threat it poses to the environment. Educating others about plastic waste dangers and reaching out to surrouning communities is critical to spread the word and unite forces to solve the plastic waste challenge. 

How your membership helps

Your #TeamPlasticPositive monthly membership and/or direct contributions go directly to funding WVPcommunity leader projects and World Vs Plastic efforts. 80% of your money goes to empowering plastic waste solution projects around the world to help them do more! 

With the remaining 20%, we will operate World Vs Plastic and continue the search, validation, onboarding, and support of more projects. 


Plastic Waste Solution Projects and outreach.


The New Activist costs & operations.



Our Mission

Build the platform to empower plastic waste management solutions and education programs in every community around the world.

Unite World efforts.
Individuals, communities, solutions, and the plastic circular economy.
Distribute, decentralize, and democratize global plastic waste recycling efforts.

Our Vision

Exponentially raise recycling rates from 9% today, to 90% by 2050 by helping establish local recycling centers and education programs in every community around the world.

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