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Your monthly contribution goes to fund and help grow the WVPcommunity projects endeavours. From supporting clean ups, to providing machinery for projects doing more, to helping provide

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Plastic waste usage = Footprint WVPcommunity projects can collect an average of 6 lbs of plastic waste per dollar. The average American uses about 20lbs per month.
For $4.44 You offset about 20 lbs.


Global Citizens

Elevate Plastic
Waste Awareness

Support the global community raising alarm about the plastic waste challenge & doing something about it!
We will share their stories to ELEVATE plastic waste awareness at a global level.

EMPOWER plastic waste solutions
ELIMINATE your plastic footprint
ELEVATE plastic waste awareness

for as little as $4.44 / month


Pounds of Plastic created since you got here

  • Monthly membership empower WVPcommunity projects properly managing plastic waste.
  • Neutralize your plastic footprint through your support
  • Receive a plastic neutrality badge to share with your  network and raise awareness
  • Save animal lives that plastic waste endangers.
  • Support programs for community engagment, education, housing, economy & work creation.
  • You are supporting the shift towards a plastic circular economy and Saving the World from plastic.
  • 310,000+ Lbs of plastic waste properly managed. 
  • 6,000+ students educated about plastic consciousness.
  • 10,000+ community members activated.
  • 20+ school programs created for the youth.
  • 300+ Clean Ups organized around the globe  
  • 100+ Jobs created for men and women
  • 25+ homes built
  • 7 Continents reached by WVP community projects 
  • 71% increse in ecological knowledge exams 
  • 100,000+ audience reach via social networks 

Neutralize your plastic footprint for just
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The amazing indivudals taking on the plastic waste epidemic.

Your TeamPlasticPositive Membership is used to empower their efforts to do MORE 

while also supporting The New Activist in finding more projects out there leading change!

“Let’s save our World from plastic!”

Forbi - Cameroon, Africa

Clean ups, Local Recycling Solution, Community Education
Collected 20,000+ Plastic Bottles
Educated 4000+ community members
Support Forbi

Britton - NY, USA

Clean Ups + Global Ambassador
Organized close to 100 clean ups On 4 continents
Motivates and educates Hundreds of citizens to participate
Click Here

Pungky & The Jungle Library Prjct

South Sumatra, Indonesia – Education + Environmental Protection
10 different schools in 10 different villages
Environmental knowledge test increase by an averaging 71%
Click Here

The Ambiance Project

Trinada & Tobago - Clean ups, Political activism, Education over 50 Clean ups, Hundreds of community members activated.
Support The Ambiance Project

Clean This Beach Up

Miami, USA - Beach Clean ups, Social activism, awarness and education. Weekly clean ups, social media viral awareness.
Support Clean This Beach Up

PlasFree Ghana

Ghana, Africa. High capacity collection and recycle center. Community education, economy creation, 300,000+ Lbs of plastic waste managed.
Support PlasFree Ghana
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Lbs of Plastic waste properly managed
by WVP community projects

We answer your questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Your #TeamPlasticPositive monthly membership and/or direct contributions go directly to funding WVPcommunity leader projects and World Vs Plastic efforts.

  • 80% of contributions empower plastic waste solution projects around the world to help them do more and share their story!
  • With the remaining 20%, we operate World Vs Plastic, and cover costs to  continue the search, validation, onboarding, and support of more projects. 

It is very likely that your plastic footprint is way beyond what your local and global waste management can handle – not mentioning the environmental footprint that it has.

Even if you shop very plastic conscious, never get take away, or order online, there’s a mind boggling plastic footprint for almost anything you spend your money on.

With World vs Plastic we’ll help you become more plastic aware of everyday things and start your journey to a plas-low lifestyle.


But let me thank you for recycling. It actually enables the recycling process itself. It saves resources and is significant to an efficient waste management system. So please keep doing it – and if you dont, please start. Its an increasingly important habit to have, as we are working on making waste management more efficient.

Unfortunately waste management is not efficient yet. No matter what country you look at. 

Of the 9 billion (!) tons of virgin plastic produced worldwide, only about 9% have been recycled. That means that a staggering 8.2 billion tons of plastic end up in landfills, incineration and the environment right away.

And even the 9% arent really recycled. Countries label their waste as recycled when it is ”shipped for recycling” to another country (usually in Asia). These places routinley dump massive amounts of that plastic into the ocean or burn it in open fires. 

So unfortunately it’s really a complete myth when people say that we’re recycling our plastic. 

This is why we empower & connect decentralized/independent waste management solutions. These local projects solve the challenge at the source and create a global network of change.

So while we urge you to recycle at home – it is not enough.

Well they take it away from your doorstep. But there is no away after that. As mentioned in the Q&A above, waste management systems are incredibly inefficient these days. Recycling remains a myth. Of the 9 billion tons of new plastic produced every year, more than 8 billion tons are not recycled. They end up in landfills, incineration and our oceans instead. The reason why we are facing this plastic waste epidemic is that we have all relied on our governments to take care of our waste before.

But. We are working on this. By empowering many, many global and community driven waste management solutions we are slowly but surely cleaning up the mess, raising awareness for a more conscious lifestyle and increasing pressure on global governemnts for change.


nowYes. Big change happens bottom up – with the people.

We are empowering local solutions that solve the challenge at the source and therefore create global change. All these solutions create ripple effects leading to more awareness and putting needed pressure on global law makers and corporates.

Research* shows that we can only solve the plastic waste challenge when all players (consumers, industries, NGOs & government) in the plastic value chain (production to waste management) are connected by an independent vehicle with nothing else in mind but the change itself. World vs Plastic is this vehicle. 

We are pushing the plastic circular economy, that brings a systematic change to the current linear approch and will not only save our environment, but also enable global economics to benefit greatly. The annual economical loss through the 95% of unrecycled plastic packaging is thought to be $80-120 bilion dollars. The estimated value of generated economic opportunity by shifting to a circular model is $706 billion dollars!

So by saving our environment we will also create economic growth in local communities and on a global level.

Big things are coming. Stay tuned!

In 2018 we stumbled upon horrifying news on the impact of plastic on our ecosystem and health. At this time China, who used to be the world’s biggest plaste waste importer banned plastic importants, as they just coud not handle it anymore either. So plastic waste had literally nowhere to go, while the virgin plastic production kept rising – and so did the negative impact on the environment and human health.

A year of research led the way and here we are helping saving the plastic waste challenge.

It is our goal to radically reduce plastic consumption and drive global plastic recycling rates from 9% to 90% by 2050. It’s a moonshot! So come along!

Soon! We are currently in the non profit 501(c)(3) application process. We are here for the change!

Feel inspired, challenged & empowered. Start your journey.

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